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„HERZZIEGEL“ - The distinctive interlocking tile

The „HERZZIEGEL“ color range:

Area of application according to roof pitch

As a result of the perfect interlocking technology and depending on the model of burnt-clay roofing tile, it is possible to cover even flat roof pitches starting from 10° without any restrictions of function. A rainproof sub-roof is already sufficient for the execution of the indicated minimum roof pitch.

Flexible coverage width

Variable, user-friendly, as well as aesthetic appeal of the coverage surface - without cut tiles.

Flexible coverage length

Variable, user-friendly, as well as aesthetic appeal of the roof coverage surface - without cut tiles.

Profiled surface design

Offers very good protection against snow slide.

Historical roof design

Extensions or repair work possible due to size and traditional format.
  • Traditional model

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Multiselection width Strg

* - max. 3 tiles

A tile to quickly open your heart to because of its unmistakeable appearance of full character. In addition, the deep lateral intrlocking offers high safety against the intrusion of rain.

Size:approx. 230 x 420 mm
 min. approx.on av. approx.max. approx.
Covering width:205 mm207 mm209 mm
Covering length:337 mm344 mm351 mm
 max. approx.on av. approx.min. approx.
Tile requirement:14,5 Pcs./m²14,1 Pcs./m²13,7 Pcs./m²
Weightapprox. 3,1 kg/pcs.approx. 44,6 kg/m²
Small pack: 6 PiecePallet: 240 Piece
LAF-/FLA-values in mm
Ridge tileDN20°25°30°35°40°45°50°
2.5 pcs./mFLA80706555504535
3.0 pcs./m
LAF = distance between laths and ridge intersection, FLA = distance between ridge laths
Measurements apply to 30/50-laths.
In case of 40/60-laths, CREATON will supply the LAF-measurements on demand.
Requirement coverage lengthRequirement coverage width
Verge tiles, double bead, half-tileShed tile
approx. 3.0 pcs./mapprox. 4.9 pcs./m



Half-width tile
Verge tile
Ventilation tile
Shed tile decorated standard

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