natural red

„ANTICO“ - The richly structured cloister tile

The „ANTICO“ color range:

Area of application according to roof pitch

As a result of the perfect interlocking technology and depending on the model of burnt-clay roofing tile, it is possible to cover even flat roof pitches starting from 10° without any restrictions of function. A rainproof sub-roof is already sufficient for the execution of the indicated minimum roof pitch.

Flexible coverage width

Variable, user-friendly, as well as aesthetic appeal of the coverage surface - without cut tiles.

Flexible coverage length

Variable, user-friendly, as well as aesthetic appeal of the roof coverage surface - without cut tiles.

Historical roof design

Extensions or repair work possible due to size and traditional format.

Safety resulting from overlapping coverage

Everything not visible at a later point will protect the roof lastingly against rain, snow or storm.
  • A culture tile rich in tradition
  • High resistance even in the event of hail and storm

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Multiselection width Strg

* - max. 3 tiles

This combination of historic monk-nun-roofing and richly structured pressed roofing tiles is very impressive. Its shape resembles the former mortared monk tiles and creates an extremely structured picture of the roof.

But „ANTICO“ also proves itself by passing the endurance test outstandingly: Owing to its high robustness and profiling, it has proven its very high resistance even during hailstorms. This tile model with its requirement of approx. 14.2 tiles/m² is available only in the original colour shade of natural red and is particularly suitable for prestigious buildings, as the „ANTICO“ conveys a visually perfect impression of the very labour-intensive laying of the monk-nun-tiles.

Size:approx. 240 x 420 mm
 min. approx.on av. approx.max. approx.
Covering width:197 mm199 mm201 mm
Covering length:349 mm354 mm359 mm
 max. approx.on av. approx.min. approx.
Tile requirement:14,6 Pcs./m²14,3 Pcs./m²13,9 Pcs./m²
Weightapprox. 4,0 kg/pcs.approx. 57,2 kg/m²
Small pack: 4 PiecePallet: 160 Piece
LAF-/FLA-values in mm
Ridge tileDN10°15°20°25°30°35°40°45°50°55°60°
2.6 pcs./mFLA1351351251151101051001001009090
LAF = distance between laths and ridge intersection, FLA = distance between ridge laths
Measurements apply to 30/50-laths.
In case of 40/60-laths, CREATON will supply the LAF-measurements on demand.
Requirement coverage lengthRequirement coverage width
Double beadRidge connection ventilation tile, shed tile
approx. 2.8 pcs./mapprox. 5.1 pcs./m



Double roll tile
Ventilation tile
Ridge connection ventilation tile
Eave tile

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