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„ELEGANZ“ - The retro-style pantile with discrete charm

The „ELEGANZ“ color range:

Area of application according to roof pitch

As a result of the perfect interlocking technology and depending on the model of burnt-clay roofing tile, it is possible to cover even flat roof pitches starting from 10° without any restrictions of function. A rainproof sub-roof is already sufficient for the execution of the indicated minimum roof pitch.

Flexible coverage width

Variable, user-friendly, as well as aesthetic appeal of the coverage surface - without cut tiles.

Flexible coverage length

Variable, user-friendly, as well as aesthetic appeal of the roof coverage surface - without cut tiles.

Historical roof design

Extensions or repair work possible due to size and traditional format.
  • Traditional model for renovations and timeless roof design

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Multiselection width Strg

* - max. 3 tiles

Roofs covered with „ELEGANZ“ convey the impression of a neutral style as a whole and mostly appear reserved - even large surfaces appear clam and unobtrusive.

The concave depression is the starting point of the impressively clear lines that will excite you again and again. Interlocking and covering bead are harmonically matched to each other. This resulted in balanced and perfect proportions conveying a very aesthetic appeal of the surfaces. Owing to its top quality and perfect function, the retro-style pantile „ELEGANZ“ demonstrates all the reliability characteristics of the current burnt-clay roofing technologies: Raw materials of highest quality and most stringent controls guaranteee for a quality product customers can rely on without restriction.

Size:approx. 230 x 420 mm
 min. approx.on av. approx.max. approx.
Covering width:205 mm207 mm209 mm
Covering length:337 mm344 mm351 mm
 max. approx.on av. approx.min. approx.
Tile requirement:14,5 Pcs./m²14,1 Pcs./m²13,7 Pcs./m²
Weightapprox. 3,1 kg/pcs.approx. 44,6 kg/m²
Small pack: 6 PiecePallet: 240 Piece

LAF-/FLA-values in mm
Ridge tileDN20°25°30°35°40°45°50°
2.5 pcs./mFLA80706555504535
3.0 pcs./mFLA100908580656050
LAF = distance between laths and ridge intersection, FLA = distance between ridge laths
Measurements apply to 30/50-laths.
In case of 40/60-laths, CREATON will supply the LAF-measurements on demand.
Requirement coverage lengthRequirement coverage width
Verge tiles, double bead, half-lengthShed tile
approx. 3.0 pcs./mapprox. 4.9 pcs./m



Half-width tile
Verge tile
Ventilation tile
Shed tile decorated standard

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LAF- und FLA-Werte für alle CREATON TondachziegelmodellePDF61 KB
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SOLESIA PhotovoltaikmodulPDF863 KB
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Technische Daten für alle Tondachziegelmodelle von CREATONPDF158 KB
Firstanschluss-Lüfterziegel und "FIRSTFIX"PDF5.0 MB
"ELEGANZ"-KompaktprospektPDF1.1 MB
"SIGNUM"-AdapterPDF1.8 MB
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CAD Files
TDZ AbgasrohrdurchführungPDF117 KB
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Pultziegel Ortgang linksDWG101 KB
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Signum (Typ A)PDF112 KB
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DoppelwulstPDF103 KB
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