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„FUTURA“ - The large-size pantile of the future.

The „FUTURA“ color range:

Area of application according to roof pitch

As a result of the perfect interlocking technology and depending on the model of burnt-clay roofing tile, it is possible to cover even flat roof pitches starting from 10° without any restrictions of function. A rainproof sub-roof is already sufficient for the execution of the indicated minimum roof pitch.

Flexible coverage width

Variable, user-friendly, as well as aesthetic appeal of the coverage surface - without cut tiles.

Flexible coverage length

Variable, user-friendly, as well as aesthetic appeal of the roof coverage surface - without cut tiles.

Non-contact baking

Finest surface finishing through baking procedures using flat firing trays.

Support ribs on the underside

Improved statics and draining of possible condensation water on the tiles laid below.

Safety resulting from overlapping coverage

Everything not visible at a later point will protect the roof lastingly against rain, snow or storm.

Five distinctive side ribs

Protection against the intrusion of water even in case of high wind pressure and roofs with low pitches.

No visible interlocking

No dirt accumulation in water-conducting interlockings (horizontally and vertically) for lasting functionality and permanently guaranteed protection against the intrusion of rainwater.

Distinctive interlockings

Protection against the intrusion of water in the head and the bottom area even in case of high wind pressure and roofs with low pitches.
  • Fascinating colour range
  • Suitable for roof pitches up to 10°
  • Large sliding clearance of 29 mm
  • Fulfills optimum technical requirements
  • Extensive range of accessories

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Multiselection width Strg

* - max. 3 tiles

As far as format, design and every detail is conerned, the large-format tile „FUTURA“ truly has a lot to offer. With a requirement of approx. 10.8 tiles/m², „FUTURA“ is characterized by a particularly favourable cost-effectiveness. The shape demonstrates an interplay of smooth transition between light and shade and achieves an extraordinary visual appeal of the surfaces.

The functional details of „FUTURA“ represent additional unprecedented possibilities. Latest knowledge concerning statics, water paths and flow conditions were taken into consideration, too. Interlockings with special labyrinth technology, a particularly large sliding clearance, as well as carefully designed side and bottom ribs demonstrate the great potential of this technically perfected tile model.

Size:approx. 300 x 482 mm
 min. approx.on av. approx.max. approx.
Covering width:234 mm237 mm239 mm
Covering length:360 mm374 mm388 mm
 max. approx.on av. approx.min. approx.
Tile requirement:11,9 Pcs./m²11,3 Pcs./m²10,8 Pcs./m²
Weightapprox. 4,2 kg/pcs.approx. 47,4 kg/m²
Small pack: 5 PiecePallet: 240 Piece
LAF-/FLA-values in mm
Ridge tileDN10°15°20°25°30°35°40°45°50°55°
2.5 pcs./mFLA100959080706055555050
LAF = distance between laths and ridge intersection, FLA = distance between ridge laths
Measurements apply to 30/50-laths.
In case of 40/60-laths, CREATON will supply the LAF-measurements on demand.
Requirement coverage lengthRequirement coverage width
Verge tiles, double bead, half-lengthRidge connection ventilation tile, shed tile
approx. 2.7 pcs./mapprox. 4.2 pcs./m
Half-width tile
Verge tile
Double roll tile
Ventilation tile

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LAF- und FLA-Werte für alle CREATON TondachziegelmodellePDF59 KB
CREATON-Dachplaner Für Maßarbeit auf dem Dach.PDF10.6 MB
CREATON GesamtsortimentPDF9.2 MB
Technische Daten für alle Tondachziegelmodelle von CREATONPDF362 KB
Firstanschluss-Lüfterziegel und "FIRSTFIX"PDF5.0 MB
"FUTURA"-KompaktprospektPDF8.3 MB
"SIGNUM"-AdapterPDF1.8 MB
"Überlegene Technik"PDF870 KB
CREATON KompetenzbroschürePDF14.2 MB
CAD Files
TDZ AbgasrohrdurchführungPDF116 KB
TDZ AbgasrohrdurchführungDWG107 KB
Pultziegel Ortgang rechtsPDF102 KB
Pultziegel Ortgang rechtsDWG104 KB
Pultziegel Ortgang linksPDF102 KB
Pultziegel Ortgang linksDWG101 KB
Pultziegel FlächenziegelPDF108 KB
Pultziegel FlächenziegelDWG108 KB
Aluminium-GrundelementPDF100 KB
Aluminium-GrundelementDWG116 KB
SolarziegelPDF111 KB
SolarziegelDWG109 KB
AntennenziegelPDF111 KB
AntennenziegelDWG135 KB
Signum (Typ A)PDF114 KB
Signum (Typ A)DWG115 KB
LüfterziegelPDF106 KB
LüfterziegelDWG117 KB
Firstanschlusslüfterziegel Ortgang rechtsPDF114 KB
Firstanschlusslüfterziegel Ortgang rechtsDWG118 KB
Firstanschlusslüfterziegel Ortgang linksPDF114 KB
Firstanschlusslüfterziegel Ortgang linksDWG115 KB
Firstanschlusslüfterziegel DoppelwulstPDF106 KB
Firstanschlusslüfterziegel DoppelwulstDWG119 KB
Firstanschlusslüfterziegel LängshalberPDF110 KB
Firstanschlusslüfterziegel LängshalberDWG124 KB
FirstanschlusslüfterziegelPDF109 KB
FirstanschlusslüfterziegelDWG122 KB
Ortgang rechtsPDF114 KB
Ortgang rechtsDWG142 KB
Ortgang linksPDF107 KB
Ortgang linksDWG120 KB
DoppelwulstPDF106 KB
DoppelwulstDWG120 KB
LängshalberPDF102 KB
LängshalberDWG124 KB
FlächenziegelDWG147 KB
FlächenziegelPDF114 KB
Firstziegel Typ "PR"DWG113 KB
Firstziegel Typ "PR"PDF110 KB
Firstziegel Typ "PF"DWG109 KB
Firstziegel Typ "PF"PDF110 KB
Firstziegel Typ "PRK"PDF112 KB
Firstziegel Typ "PRK"DWG109 KB
Texts for invitation to tender
Positionen - PDFPDF97 KB
Positionen - GAEB 90D81313 KB
Positionen - GAEB 2000P81221 KB
Positionen - GAEB XMLX81149 KB

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