Ridge connection ventilation tile

A breathable roof will live longer – CREATON ridge connection ventilation tiles guarantee for
an optimal ventilation of your roof.

A true CREATON roof relies entirely on ceramics. The full-ceramic ridge ventilation system guarantees not only for a lasting roof with regard to functional and technical aspects, but for a continuous aestetic appeal, as well. With their ceramic ending (spoiler), the ridge connection ventilation tiles of CREATON create a line that runs parallel between ridge tiles and tile surface.
This combination of visual value advantage of your roof and of lasting value retention of your house offers a considerable benefit compared to other solutions: The wave through of the tile must no longer be compensated with plastic components or closed with mortar. Follow-up operations involving non-ceramic alternative materials are thus excluded.

Minimum ventialtion shaft

Rafter length Eaves and shed ending Ridge and hip
up to 10 m minimum 200 cm² minimum 50 cm²
over 10 m ≥ 2 ‰ of the corresponding roof surface ≥ 0,5 ‰ of the corresponding roof surface

Comparison to conventional first solutions:

  vollkeramischer Abschluss Kunststoff Mörtel
dauerhaft farbbeständig ja nein nein
Farbgleichheit zu Fläche und First ja nein ja
dauerhaft wartungsfrei ja nein nein
CREATON-Systemgarantie ja nein nein
homogener Abschluss zwischen Fläche und First ja nein ja
Lüftung bis 230cm²/m ja ? nein
Verbesserter Schutz gegen Regeneintrag ja nein ja