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A new premium colour for the anniversary

2013 is the year of "PREMION", when CREATON AG will celebrate the 10th anniversary of this premium tile from the Guttau (Saxony) works with special promotions. Because for a decade now, flat roof tile of almost fine ceramic quality has been produced there and has made its mark in the premium segment, using the best clay in the Lausitz region and a special production process. "PREMION" became a synonym for top quality and a success story. Large numbers of satisfied building owners provide ample evidence. And their number increases every day.

More than 200 million "PREMION"

Because the combination of economy, high quality, technical sophistication and classically beautiful roof design make the "PREMION" a 5-star tile to meet the highest demands. And, with the matching original accessories from

CREATON, the building owner also receives this high quality in every roof detail. So it's not surprising that over 200 million pieces of this highly successful model have been produced in Guttau, Saxony in the last 10 years. The anniversary tile has improved numerous roofs in the meantime, and the trend is upwards.

Special production process

"PREMION" obtains its exceptional, practically fine-ceramic, top roofing quality through the special
"KERALIS" production process. In the raw materials preparation, very fine, pure raw materials from the Lausitz pits are thoroughly ground into a bone-dry clay powder and worked into a homogeneous clay body after precisely controlled moistening. The natural, integral tile colour that results, even with dark colours, ensures a beautiful, unchanging roof appearance. The tile quality is further enhanced by sinter firing at temperatures over 1,100 °C. This results in extremely robust clay roof tiles with a fine-pored, even, refined surface. The "high firing factor" makes "PREMION" extremely resistant to pollutants and environmental influences. It cannot be harmed by even the most severe frost. The secret of its quality also lies in its uncompromising, functional design. Thus, due to its sophisticated interlocking and quadruple coverage, in conjunction with a sub-roof membrane such as CREATON "QUATTRO", it effortlessly achieves the required protection against rain entry with roof pitches as low as .

Refined roof protection with many choices

In addition to its technical advantages, it also inspires building owners, designers and roofing contractors with its large spectrum of design possibilities: In addition to the natural red surface, which will remain this way throughout the lifetime of the roof due to the high-quality construction, "PREMION" is available in five engobe shades in the "NUANCE" series, three glazed shades in the

"FINESSE" series and two glazed shades in the "NOBLESSE" series. For the 10th anniversary, this 5-star tile will also be available in the new "FINESSE" chestnut anniversary glazed shade. And it almost goes without saying that the comprehensive original accessory product range for aesthetic, safe and high quality system roofs also offers consistent "PREMION" quality in the original shade.

Furthermore, CREATON will surprise customers in the coming year with special promotions for the 10th anniversary. We can hardly wait!