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Göttweig/Wachau Benedictine Monastery


Roofs for the ages

This massive property demands the use of superlatives. When the final construction phase is completed in 2018, 18,000 m² of roof area will have been renovated. 630,000...



Some swear by Keralis quality. Others are on the side of the reform tile's timeless, clear design. „CANTUS“ brings both sides together. The new „CANTUS“ reform tile with the „HIGH BAKING FACTOR“ –...


CREATON receives the "Top 100" award again

At the German SME Summit in Essen, CREATON AG was honoured with the "Top Innovator" title for the third time, following awards in 2001 and 2005. Science journalist and TV moderator Ranga...


A new premium colour for the anniversary

2013 is the year of "PREMION", when CREATON AG will celebrate the 10th anniversary of this premium tile from the Guttau (Saxony) works with special promotions. Because for a decade now,...


New, small curved interlocking tile from CREATON:

The sound becomes a "MELODIE" 

Every beautiful melody consists of the harmonious interplay of pleasing sounds. This is also true of the new "MELODIE" clay roofing tile from...