Raw material mining

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1 Raw material mining

Following its self-imposed purity principle, CREATON uses exclusively the natural raw materials of clay, silt and water that are mined in the immediate vicinity of the production plants. Clay and silt constitute the main components of the later burnt-clay roofing tiles. Both raw materials formed during and after glacial periods as a result of the decomposition of felspar.
Combined with water, clay turns into a plastic raw material with a very fine-grained structure, as well as a high water absorption capacity. It is true though, that it shows a considerable shrinkage, but it also features an extreme stability in the course of a baking procedure.
As a result of its very high content of quartz, silt, however, tends to have larger grain sizes than clays. Its high proportion of ferrous compounds allows for the typical red colouring of a roofing tile in the course of baking.
The raw materials are mined by big mechanical shovel excavators at a depth of up to 18 m. According to our self-conception, our mining pits are renaturated again and ""handed back"" to nature after their use.

2 Transport

Since the sources of raw material are available in the immediate proximity of our production plants, long and polluting transportation is inapplicable. The transport of the raw material to some plants, such as our plants in Großengottern and ? , for instance, is effected by means of conveyor belts and to other plants by truck. 

3 Stockpile storage

If the storage capacity at the individual locations is exhausted, the mined raw material is simply intermediately stored in the open air.

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