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4 Box feeder

After its arrival in the plants, the raw material is feeded to the processing plant via box feeders in thier optimum proportioning. The raw material mixture is added water and processed to a fine-grained mass by wheels weighing several tons.

5 Pan grinder

In the pan grinder, the mass is further mixed and ground to grains smaller than 20 mm.

6 Roller mill

In the roller mill, the mill material is again ground to particles smaller than 0.8 mm. In our plant in Guttau, the mill material is even gound to 0.035 mm. This is the procedure that allows for the particular robustness of our top models „PREMION“ and „KERA-Biber“.

7 Marsh house

The mixture is then transported to the marsh house using conveyor belts. The mass is resting there for approx. two weeks until the processed raw material reached the perfect condition for the manufacturing of our quality products and a constant humidity.

8 Round feeder

As soon as the raw material mixture reached this condition, it is conveyed into a sieving round feeder. The mass is moistened and pressed into small regular ropes of clay. As these ropes are clump-free, they constitute an ideal modeling material.

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