Quality and environment

Our quality and environmental policy is described by ten principles. They define the operational principles of our quality and evironmental management that our company orientates on. These principles are reviewed critically on a regular basis and brought in line with business requirements. The decisive factor for the implementation of the company policy is its exemplification through the management. The company management and every executive commit themslevs to align their day-to-day activity with the expounded business policy. Our Quality Management System in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and Environmental Management System according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2007 are certified by external experts every year.

  • Guarantee of high-quality products
    We use natural raw materials and according to our purity principle, we produce for our customers environmentally friendly and faultless products that distinguish themselves as they are laid precisely, identical in colour and long-lived.
  • Use of exclusively natural raw materials
    Our burnt-clay roofing tiles are manufactured according to our purity pprinciple exclusively from clays and water without any chemical additives, making them a true natural product.
  • Ecologically aware production processes
    Raw material mining conserving the resources in reasonable proximity to the plants, as well as the use of most modern production technologies guarantee an energy-efficient and ecologically compatible manufacturing process.
  • Reduction of environmental impacts
    We always aim to adjust all the processes within the company toward the minimum environmental impact, for instance by reducing waste and the emission of harmful substances, by monitoring waste gas, as well as by saving energy.
  • Highly qualified employees
    We ensure the know-how of our employees at the highest level and thus enhance their motivation, knowledge and security through systematic trainings.
  • Maximum occupational health and safety
    We are guided by a „Zero Accident Policy“ aiming at minimizing the frequency and severity of possible accidents. We ensure this through an uncompromising observance of the occupational health and safety regulations and their stringent review, making sure they are still up-to-date.
  • Comprehensive service
    Our internal and external processes are continuously adjusted to the needs of our customers in order to ensure an optimal service starting with the first contact, up to the payment of the goods and even going beyond.
  • Honest business communication
    In accordance with our open business policy, we inform the public with openness and honesty about the events in our company. In addition, we work closely with associations, authorities and other institutions in order to protect our environment.
  • Observance of all laws and regulations
    We commit ourselves to the observance of all effective legal regulations not only at European and national level, but at regional level, as well. We will, in addition, define own quality and evironmental standards, which will exceed these regulatory requirements considerably.
  • Annual QEM audits
    Regular internal and external QEM audits, including occupational health and safety inspections in each of our depatments, will make sure that we come up to our own high demands on quality, evironmental protection and occupational safety in the future, as well.