CREATON uses only the very best "raw materials" - earth, water, air and fire - to manufacture its burnt-clay roofing tiles.

We adhere to this ""Purity Principle"" that creates the optimum pre-conditions for environmentally friendly building and thus allows for living in a healthy indoor room climate. For the colour glazings of the NOBLESSE collection, for instance, we use exclusively raw materials that are envirnonmentally neutral in the course of the tile production and fulfill the demands of our ""Purity Principle"" in the course of the processing, as well.

Particular attention is paid to raw materials free of cadmium and selenium, as well as to a low lead content. We examine the observance of our "Purity Principle" through permanent raw material analyses that are carried out in external laboratories and in our own.

Italian plant technology used in the manufacturing of fine ceramics has been modified and optimized to produce the glazings of the NOBLESSE collection. Exclusively colour-coordinated pigments on an environmentally fiendly basis have been developed in cooperation with leading manufacturers of the respective raw materials and consitute the foundation of each and every of our 60 colour glazings.