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Corporate profile

The corporate profile of CREATON is based on ten brand principles:

Our corprate profile commits the entire CREATON staff to a philosophy that sets customer service into the focus of attention. The name CREATON thus turns into a message promising inventiveness and quality. Our highly motivated employees, our technology, our sound environmental relastionship prove that we have done a lot to come up to the expectations towards the great roofing brand. We will continue to prove this maket idea's worth and our special quality again and again.

  • All CREATON branded products offer perfection and safety for roofs.
  • CREATON will thus strengthen and expand its position.
  • The future-oriented investment policy will guarantee an appropriate return on investment.
  • First-class quality, comprehensive advice and exemplary service are essential in order to achive the satisfaction of customers.
  • With competent employees, we manage to create long-lasting, co-operative customer relationships.
  • We face fair competition self-confidently with the intention to distinguish ourselves from our competitors in a positive way.
  • Each and every employee identifies with the corporate objectives and makes an acive contribution to the future success of the company.
  • We act according to our motto "hand in hand with nature" in order to be exemplary as far as environmental protection is concerned.
  • We will provide information on us, our activities and our objectives regularly and with opennenss and honesty.
  • Through continuous impulses to improve our products and manufacturing, as well as with well-proven innovative strength, CREATON is determined to remain true to its vision of "setting the tone" as the "brand name for creative roofing".